Litter CH

3rd September 2017

4 males + 5 females



Elfi gave birth to 9 nice puppies (blue fawn and blue brindle), last male and last female are available for loving homes

- possible from the end of October 2017.

For more info contact us at: vipetka@seznam.cz


male Chopper, reserved

male Chanson, reserved

male Chumlee, available

male Cheerio, reserved

female Charlieīs Angel, reserved

female Chin-Chin, reserved

female Cherubimīs Choice, reserved

female Chilli Kiss, reserved

female Cheri Cheri Lady, reserved

Jch. Cherubimīs Royal Itīs a Christmas Dream Ch. Elf Princess Sunny Funny

Pedigree of CH litter Sunny Funny:




Litter H

7th May 2016

5 males + 1 female



7th May 2016 our Elfi gave birth to 6 nice strong puppies - 5 males and 1 female. 

For more info just contact us at vipetka@seznam.cz

Highlander (male)

Hugo Boss (male)

Hasta La Vista (male)

Hula Hoop (male)

Happy Hippo (male)

Hey Jude (female)



Ch. Cherubimīs Royal Carlchen   X  Ch. Elf Princess Sunny Funny





Litter G

born at 15th May 2015

6 males +

2 females



Litter F

born at 4th

April 2014


5 boys + 5 girls






Litter E - born at 30th January 2013

6 boys + 

2 girls

All puppies from E litter together: from left Ecce Whippet, E.T., Enfant Terrible, Endorfin, Elixir Vitae, Ex Tempore, Elf Princess, Exclusive Edition




Litter D - 7th November 2011, 3females + 5males


Litter D - from left Deja Vu, Daddy Cool, Dr. Doolittle, De Luxe, Dolce Gabbana, Delikatesse, Ding Dong Song, DJ Bobo



Litter C - born at 24.2. 2011 2dogs + 1bitch


C puppies together: Captain Cook, Coco Jumbo, Connecting People



Litter B - born at 2.5.2009 2dogs + 3bitches

All B puppies together, from left: Bambina, Smile, Bugatti, Biggy, Jumper. (copyright Tomas Gurgut)


Litter A - born at 23. 12. 2007 4dogs + 5bitches

^ All puppies from A-litter Sunny Funny together: from left Alfík, Mary, Lady, Pino, Ally, Bella, Pája, Jack, Ti-ti. (photo Tom Gurgut)