Photos from shows, sports and life...                       

^ Two puppies from Sany´s first litter - Aqua Bella (Bella) and Apple in Jacket (Jack) - kissing :o)

^ Sany with Ketty - bringing the ball

Sany was small whippet-baby...^

National dog show Brno, september 2006 ^

It isn´t beaver, it´s Sany! ^

Sany with ridgeback Bongo in Slovakia  ^

Sany - tired ^

^ Ketty learned to love balls from Sany... 



View from "Cachtice-castle"^

^ Sany, enjoying life :o)

Sany in finish with decoy ^

Courthill Coat of Arms - our Sany´s father ^

Training agility ^

Sany with her first medal ^

Sany and "family" bitches of russian toy ^

Find seven diferences :o) ^