Sany with her first cup win in dogdancing


Results in dogdance:

Year 2006

* 26. 11. Competition Cholupice - song-choreography "Rebelové" - 2nd place in freestyle for beginners

* 28. 9. Competition Komořany - song-choreography "Večerníček" - 3rd place in freestyle for beginners



Dogdancing is a new sport, where dog and man train a choreography made from various exercises, accompanimented by selected song. There are four divisions - musical dressage, heelwork to music, freestyle and dancing with dogs.

We prefer division freestyle, because there aren´t any rules, what can we do and what we musn´t. Dog can jump, do slalom or "rabbit" - everything you want. But the choreography should show some story. We do it just for fun and whippet is for freestyle ideal, because of its temperament and still good mood.