We do agility training with male Fleck in Black Sunny Funny:



Results in competitions:

Year 2008

August 2008 - Prague (Noční hrátky) - Sany passed LA1 exam (very good), became best whippet of race :o)

August 2008 - Louny - Sany passed LA1 exam (excellent), 3rd place in race of frisbee

Year 2007

1. - 2. 9. 2007 - Prague (Noční hrátky) - Sany get disqualification in LA1 exam (3 refuses on slalom), 17th place of 43 dogs in jumping LA. 

4. - 5. 8. 2007 - Louny - Sany get 3rd place in double-jumping LA (from cca 25 dogs), 14th place in jumping LA (from 25 dogs), but twice disqualification in LA agility (open) and LA1 exam... 

5. 5. 2007 - Lysá nad Labem - Sany was 14th in LA1 jumping (two refuses) from 22other dogs, in LA1-exam she was unfortunatelly disqualified (3refuses), but in LA agility (open) she get fantastic 2nd place from other 40dogs! 

1. 4. 2007 - Chlumec (at Ústí n/L)  - Sany won jumping of beginners kategory large, and get second place (one refuse) in agility-open

25. 3. 2007 - Prague-Hloubětín, first official agility competition - Sany was disqualified, because of my wrong navigation :o( - 1fault, 3refuses

Year 2006

4. 11. 2006 - Chomutov, Greenranch, competition for beginners - Sany get 4th place

28. 10. 2006 - Klášterec n.Ohří, competition of puppies - Night Silversun z Úplňku (Sany) was on 13th place




We think today everybody knows, what is agility, but if someone doesn´t:

In this sport dog must get over all hurdles (jump, ring, tunnel, beam, seesaw etc.) in right order. It looks like easy, but be sure, it isn´t.