Whippet is a smaller greyhound from Great Britain. History of whippets isnīt quite clear, but the most authors say, that english greyhounds and terriers gave this breed rise. English pure people needed smaller and fast dogs, to catch some game, and they also used them in races made just for fun. Later whippets were used like decoy for greyhounds.

Due to blood of terriers, whippets arenīt so abstract, like some other greyhounds. They like people, like other dogs, like children. They love run, especially sprint, not marathon. They donīt like cold weather, so they shouldnīt stay on the garden whole year. They need to live with their people in heat of flat or house.

Whippet isnīt modern breed, and if you want to know them, letīs visit some breeder or dog-event, where you can meet whippets. Than you can know, if they are right dogs for you or not.

PS: Do you know, what is better, than whippet? ....two whippets!



We bought our first whippet in year 2005, so donīt expect here some describing of all whippets or rating of whippets-breed in our country. We are just talking about history and own experiences with our bitches and whippets of our friends.